The Year of Giving

The UAE has earmarked 2017 as The Year of Giving; an initiative based around three main pillars: Corporate Social Responsibility, Volunteering and Serving the nation. All of the initiatives and programmes launched throughout the year will reflect the three pillars of giving, and engage citizens in an effort to entrench the values of philanthropy and altruism in all communities.

Pillars of The Year of Giving


PROMOTING CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY The private sector will play a crucial role in promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) through strategic development partnerships aiming to embed the values of giving, charity and volunteering in the UAE. The private sector will work cohesively with government institutions to support philanthropic initiatives, including human relief work locally, regionally and globally, cementing the UAE’s position as one of the world’s leading foreign aid donors.


PROMOTING A CULTURE OF VOLUNTEERING Volunteers will be essential participants in The Year of Giving, with many opportunities and incentives aiming to instill the value of volunteering across communities, enhancing solidarity, collaboration and synergy. The invitation to volunteer will extend to the public and private sectors, as well as to individuals and institutions. There will also be an emphasis on skills-based volunteering; an opportunity for individuals to leverage and share their specialised skills and talents as volunteers.


PROMOTING THE VALUE OF SERVING THE NATION The value of philanthropy in service of the nation is an important part of The Year of Giving. Young citizens will be invited to learn about patriotism and participate in initiatives that focus on giving back to the nation. The goal is to embed the value of philanthropy and altruism in the UAE’s communities, especially of future generations to come, in the service of the nation. The shared responsibility for these initiatives will be on the public and private sectors, as well as on individuals, who can maximize their potential through consolidated and joint efforts.

What are we seeking to accomplish in
The Year of Giving?



Social & Humanitarian Initiatives

To launch hundreds of humanitarian initiatives, managed by federal and local governments, as well as private sector entities and organisations. The different initiatives will seek to involve all segments of society, each depending on their own strengths, interests and qualifications. One important mission is to formulate a comprehensive framework for charities and humanitarian organizations that may continue in the future.


Volunteer Work

To clock millions of volunteer hours, covering different aspects of charity and human work, where various sectors are involved, including the federal and local authorities, private institutions and all citizens and residents. Volunteer hours should also include skills-based volunteering, offering people an opportunity to leverage their skills as volunteers, and share their expertise and qualifications.


Private Sector Contribution

To raise the contribution of the private sector and enhance its role in supporting the government’s development process through either direct donations or adopting projects and human initiatives in a way that would reflect the vision and goals of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Our pride in our achievements is the pride of our nation’s founders. Our history is one of benevolence, led by Sheikh Zayed’s spirit of generosity